An international journal published by K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Radiation Physics and Engineering accepts only articles that examine and evaluate new scientific findings in the nuclear fields and deals their developments, written in accordance with scientific principles. Manuscripts are normally reviewed by an Associate Editor to establish whether it is compatible with the purposes and the approaches of the Journal. After confirmation of the Editor, two or more independent referees chosen by the Editorial staff are invited to evaluate the manuscript (Suggestions by authors of appropriate referees are always welcome.). RPE uses the single blind peer review process. Following process is made based on the comments of the referees:

  • If all the referees approve that the manuscript meets the journal criteria, it will be placed in the articles waiting list for publication.
  • If one of the referees approve the article and the other reject it, the opinion of another referee will be asked. Final decision will be made by the editorial staff based on the majorities’ opinion.
  • Selection of articles for publication in the journal after the arbitration process is the responsibility of the editorial staff, so the referee’s opinions will be reviewed for decision-making. As a result the editorial staff and editor may reject diagnosed poorly reviewed articles.
  • Based on general and specific comments of the referees, a revised article may be asked. When invited to prepare a revised manuscript with a specific deadline, it is important for the author to respond to each specific comment or suggestion in an itemized fashion. When submitting a revision, as well as including a point-by-point response, highlight the text where the revisions were made. If these requirements are not included, the revision will be sent back to the author for completion. The revised article may need to be reviewed by the referees. Final review and decision is performed by the Editorial staff.
  • Authors needing additional time beyond the maximum revision extension should withdraw their revision. When the authors are ready, they can re-submit their revised manuscript under a new manuscript number. Resubmitted manuscripts will be treated as revisions: the same review team will be invited to manage the resubmitted paper; however, as with any revision, there is no guarantee that all members of the previous review team will be available to evaluate the revision.

The approximate time of the peer-review process is as follows:

  • Initial assessment by Editor considering the RPE criteria: 1 week from submission to first editorial decision
  • Invitation of at least two reviewers and waiting for receiving of the acceptance: 1 week
  • Receiving the comments of the referees: 6 week from invitation acceptance
  • Making decision based on reviewers’ comments: 1 week

Peer-reviewing process flow diagram of RPE