A peer-reviewed journal published by K. N. Toosi University of Technology

The Radiation Physics and Engineering journal is aimed to provide a high quality medium for the publication of substantial, original and scientific papers on the development and the enhancement of nuclear physics and nuclear engineering researches at the national as well as international level.

Papers dealing with nuclear radiation and radionuclide techniques, nuclear techniques and radiation processing, nuclear energy science and technology and nuclear physics in both experimental and theoretical field, applied in physics, chemistry, biophysics, biology, medicine, medical physics, engineering and environmental sciences are welcome.


Relevant topics for RPE include the following:

  • Nuclear Reactor Science and Technology: Materials, Processing, System and Component Technology, Design and Optimization, Environmental Control, Reactor Physics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, Structural Analysis, Fuel Management, Nuclear Fuel and Safety, Risk Assessment, Radioactive Waste Disposal, Reactor Thermal Hydraulics.

  • Radiation Sources: Design, Construction, or Production, Characteristics, Activation Cross-Sections, Processing, Quality Control Procedures, Target Designing.

  • Particle Accelerators: Beam Transport Systems (Beam Handling), Target Designing, Synchrotron Radiation, Free Electron Lasers, Cyclotrons, Synchrotrons and LINACs.

  • Fusion technology and equipment.

  • Measurement of Radiation and Radioactivity: Measurement of X-rays, γ-rays, α- and β-,Particles and Other Forms of Radiation, Nuclear Instrumentation, Radiation Spectrometry, Dosimetry, Detectors, Novel Counting Systems, Whole-Body Counters.

  • Radioanalytical Methods and Radiochemistry: Activation Analysis, Isotope Dilution Analysis, Radioimmunoassay, Radionuclide Tomography, Radiation Spectrometry, Synthesis of Labelled Compounds.

  • Experimental and theoretical of Nuclear Physics: Nuclear Structure, Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction, Nuclear Reactions, Effective Filed Theory, Few Body Problems, Hadronic Physics.

  • Medical Applications: Radiotherapy, Photon/Electron/Particle Therapy, Thermal therapies, Brachytherapy, Experimental and Computational Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Dosimetry, Imaging, Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis, Treatment Optimization, Mathematical Modeling, Treatment Outcomes Analysis, Treatment delivery Platforms and Instrumentation, Instrumentation and Algorithm Development.