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Department of Nuclear Engineering‎, ‎Faculty of Advanced Science & Technologies‎, ‎University of Isfahan‎, ‎Isfahan‎, ‎Iran


‎In this paper‎, ‎the effect of anode's insert material on spatial distribution of X-ray emission zone of plasma focus device was studied‎. ‎Anode's insert materials were fabricated out of aluminum‎, ‎zinc‎, ‎tin‎, ‎tungsten and lead‎. ‎For each insert material at the constant operating voltage of 21 kV‎, ‎the image of pinhole camera which monitors the surface and the top of anode was recorded at the various pressures of 0.3‎, ‎0.6‎, ‎0.9 and 1.2 mbar‎. ‎The results indicated that the X-ray emission zone above the anode surface not only includes thermal radiation of plasma‎, ‎but also depends on anode's insert materials‎. ‎This zone could be due to the passage of high energy electrons from the vapor of anode's material above the anode's surface‎.


  • X-ray emitting zone changes with gas pressure and anode's insert metal.
  • Spatial distribution of X-rays from anode's surface depends on the characteristics of the electron beam.
  • Spatial distribution of X-rays from the plasma above the anode depends on properties of the working gas.
  • Size and intensity of X-ray source increases with atomic number of the insert materials.


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