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Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Arak, Arak, Iran


The mean-field model based on Skyrm Forces (SF) or associated density function has a wide application to describe nuclear states, collective vibrational excitation, and heavy-ion collisions. The Sky3D solves static or dynamic equations on a Cartesian 3-D mesh with isolated or periodic boundary conditions without further assumptions on the symmetry which shows more characteristics of the structure of nuclei. In ‎the ‎present‎ work, time-dependent Hartree-Fock Skyrm (TDHF) calculations were completed on a set of Sn isotopes to obtain and compare the nuclear deformation parameters in static and dynamic states. It was found that in deficient neutron nuclei, even the most modern particle calculations unable to describe the improved collectivity below the mean shell in Sn approaching ‎‎N= Z= 50‎‎.  It was shown that the effective interaction plays an important role in the details of the reaction, and carries information about the heavy-ion reactions to the details of the effective interaction.


• TDHF method as a function of time for a set of Sn isotopes has been studied
• We study skyrm forces with quadrupole spectra along the Sn isotope chains.
• We applied the Sky3D to solve static (dynamic) equations.
• The effective interaction plays an important role in the details of carries information about the heavy-ion reactions.


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