Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Vol 1, Winter and Spring 2018 
1. Measurement of naturally occurring radioactive materials concentration in Tehran’s water using Gamma spectrometry

Pages 1-5

‎M‎ehrnaz Zehtabvar; ‎D‎ariush Sardari; ‎Gh‎olamreza ‎Jahanfarnia

3. A Geant4 study on dosimetric comparison between three kinds of radioactive esophageal stents to be used in treatment of advanced esophageal cancers

Pages 13-18

‎P‎ayam ‎Rafiepour; ‎Sh‎ahab ‎Sheibani; ‎D‎aryiush ‎Rezaey Uchbelagh; ‎H‎ossein Poorbaygi