Differentiation method for Compton edge characterization in organic scintillation detectors

Document Type: Original Article


Department of Energy Engineering and Physics‎, ‎Amir Kabir University of Technology‎, ‎PO Box 15875-4413‎, ‎Tehran‎, ‎Iran


‎It is well-known that response function of organic scintillation detectors does not appear with photopeaks‎. ‎Instead‎, ‎their dominant feature is a continuum‎, ‎usually called the Compton edge that innately exposes the resolution characteristics of detection system‎. ‎While‎, ‎accurate characterization of Compton edge is crucial for calibration purposes‎, ‎it is also in charge of elaborating the energy resolution of detector‎. ‎This paper presents a simple method for accurate characterization of the Compton edge in organic scintillation detectors‎. ‎The method is based on the fact that differentiating the response function leads to accurate estimation of the constituting functions‎. ‎The differentiation method‎, ‎in addition to the location of the Compton edge‎, ‎gives insights into the parameters of the folded Gaussian function which could lead to depict the energy resolution‎. ‎Moreover‎, ‎it is observed that the uncorrelated noise in the measurement of the response function does not impose significant uncertainties in the evaluations‎, ‎so it could preserve its functionality even in lower-quality measurements‎. ‎By simulation of the bounded electrons and considering the Doppler effects‎, ‎we are able to demonstrate‎ -‎the first ever‎- ‎estimation for intrinsic Doppler resolution of an organic plastic scintillator‎. ‎Even though‎, ‎this possibility is an immediate result of benefiting the presented method for analysis of the Compton continua‎.


  • A simple and straightforward method for accurate characterization of Compton edge‎. 
  • Energy resolution of organic scintillation detectors‎. 
  • Estimating contribution of atomic bounded electrons via the Doppler effect in energy resolution of detectors‎